Let’s Discuss! Book and Outfits

Hi everybody! You may have seen the books as outfits trend going around on Twitter like I did, and eventually I just gave into the hype and got involved. So with a big photoshoot and a lot of help from my lovely boyfriend, here’s some of my favourite books as outfits!

To start with – pink covers and baby pink tops. I adore this colour and these two books!

I stole this shirt from Mark and it’s often a staple for me now. And he suggested it’d match Pumpkinheads!

I love this combination of black velvet and this beautiful special edition.

And continuing the Leigh Bardugo theme, I love how the blue matches my denim jacket on Ninth House! It’s one of the only books I matched that I haven’t read yet, but how could I resist with my nails painted blue too?

Traitor in the Throne is the other book on this list I haven’t read – but the maroon cover matched my jacket perfectly, so I knew I had to include it.

I absolutely adore my kimono, but I don’t often find a chance to wear it. I thought it matched the cover of Flame in the Mist really well though!

This was actually the first outfit-match I did, when I wore this floral combination the other day and it reminded me of This Time Will be Different!

And I’ll Give You the Sun is the second outfit-match I did, when I wore this top and just knew how well it would match the cover!

Continuing the yellow theme, Mark suggested I match my Hufflepuff jumper and Vans to my special edition book. As you can tell, I wasn’t sure how to show off my shoes 😉

Yet even more yellow, but how could I resist matching my cute Totoro patch to the book?

Here’s my last outfit/book cover match, I’ve wanted to try this one for so long and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Thank you to all those who inspired me (shoutout to BooksNest for being one of them with her post!) to do this, and to Mark again for helping me out 🙂


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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