Review: Weathering With You (#2) by Makoto Shinkai


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Hodaka has finally started to feel like he’s found his place in Tokyo with Hina and Nagi, but his sunny days won’t last forever.
The Sunshine Girl powers are beginning to take their toll on Hina, putting her in danger of disappearing into the skies. And as the rain returns and Tokyo’s weather starts to intensify, an incident from Hodaka’s recent past closes in on him. He’ll have to fight to survive and keep the light of his life from fading out, but can he change the sad fate that awaits the Weather Maiden?

I recently managed to pick up the second and third books in the Weathering With You manga and decided to carry on with the series as part of my Spoopathon TBR. I love both the Weathering With You and Your Name films by Makoto Shinkai and I love finding out how they translate to manga and light novels.

This volume is the middle in the series of just 3 books and encompasses the sadder part of the story. I couldn’t help but find myself a little emotional at the end! If I’d have been reading this story for the first time without knowing the story prior to reading, I imagine I wouldn’t have been able to put this one down and it does end on such a cliffhanger!

Again, I love the artwork but it does work so well for the manga as it reflects the anime so well. Although it is naturally difficult for me to judge this one as I love the film so much, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

5 out of 5 stars


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