Review: Weathering With You Vol 3 by Makoto Shinkai and Wataru Kubota


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The summer of freshman year of high school. A boy named Hodaka runs away from his island home and goes to Tokyo, where he spends every day in loneness. Then, in a corner of the bustling city he meets a girl named Hina. But he soon finds out that she possesses a mysterious power.
Up-and-coming artist and Afternoon Four Seasons Award winner Wataru Kubota is set to illustrate the complete manga version of the latest film by Director Makoto Shinkai, who received international acclaim for “Your Name”!! 

I’ve finally managed to pick up the last book in this manga series and I’m so glad I’ve finished the story. If you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of Makoto Shinkai and I love both the Your Name and Weathering With You films so much. Over the years, I’ve picked up the Your Name manga and the light novels for both, and I can’t help but loving them all. It’s a difficult one to judge because I’ve never read the story before watching the films, but it does mean reading this manga was like wrapping myself in a warm and familiar blanket.

There is something about this last volume I absolute adore, because we see all of the morals of the story coming together. This story discusses sacrifice and our abilities to influence and change the world for it to be more aligned with what we want. I love some of the very small conversations that happen in this final instalment and I was so glad to see these being brought in from the film.

Weathering with You Chapter 3

I also love the art style and I feel like the illustrator did a great job with this whole series. I’m glad I’ve finished it off and I would like to read more by Makoto Shinkai and watch a couple of films that I haven’t seen yet!

5 out of 5 stars


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