Review: Like a Charm by Elle McNicoll

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Edinburgh is a city filled with magical creatures. No one can see them… until Ramya Knox.
As she is pulled into her family’s world of secrets and spells, Ramya sets out to discover the truth behind the Hidden Folk with only three words of warning from her grandfather: Beware the Sirens.
Plunged into an adventure that will change everything, Ramya is about to learn that there is more to her powers than she ever imagined.

Like a Charm is the third book by the author of A Kind of Spark and Show Us Who You Are, both books I’ve read and really enjoyed. Elle McNicoll enters into fantasy with this book, with a magical realism story set in Edinburgh. There was a great balance of the real city and magical elements, making it very accessible and easy to read.

All of Elle’s books have great representation, and this one was no different. Our main character, Ramya, had dyspraxia, and this was discussed throughout her story. Not only will this allow so many neurodivergent children to see themselves reflected in it’s pages, but other children will build a greater understanding of those around them.

Ramya was a great strong female main character, and I love that all of Elle’s books have female main characters to provide role models for young people. The way the characters are discussed and the magical beings are used to discuss our differences and similarities was so well done.

This one was a really enjoyable middle grade and I’ll definitely be recommending it, but sadly I didn’t feel myself quite as addicted to it as I was with A Kind of Spark and Show Us Who You Are. It was still a super entertaining read and gave me goosebumps at the end, but A Kind of Spark still holds the top spot for me of Elle’s books.

4 out of 5 stars


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