Review: The Sad Ghost Club Vol. 2 by Lize Meddings

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Ever felt anxious or alone? Like you don’t belong anywhere? Like you’re almost… invisible? Find your kindred spirits at The Sad Ghost Club. (You are not alone. Shhh. Pass it on.)
When two strangers meet at a party and realise they both feel different from everyone else there, they start the The Sad Ghost Club – a secret society for the anxious and alone, a club for people who think they don’t belong.
But when a third ghost wants to join the club, things get a bit more complicated. Can the two ghosts overcome their insecurities and uncertainties in their new friendship, and find a way to welcome new members to the club?

I honestly wasn’t planning on picking this one up, but it just felt like what I needed, and I wasn’t wrong. I’ve been in a bit of a YALC (and post-YALC) reading slump, and I found myself drifting to this graphic novel for that reason. I read the first volume of this graphic novel last year which I loved, and I also follow the Twitter account which delivers assurances and relatability on a daily basis.

Following on from the first book, SG and Socks are trying to make new friends and find people similar to them. It’s the morning after they met in the first volume, and SG (Sam) is ready to make new friends, whereas Socks is struggling with the idea. I loved the mixture of dialogue (which was shown in speech bubbles) and inner thoughts (shown below), and I related to Socks so much.

These books are also gorgeous, and the illustrations are so beautiful. Some of the pages and double page spreads are simple scenes of nature or landscapes, which I really enjoy. The only part of this book I felt a little disappointed by is that it feels like not much happens (which is fine, they are slow and chill), but at some points I felt like I would gain more heartfelt and relatable moments by scrolling through mini-comics on the Twitter account.

But even saying that, these books are such a comfort for anybody who suffers with depression or anxiety. They are so relatable and cozy, and exactly what I needed.

4 out of 5 stars


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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