Review: Mina and the Slayers (#2) by Amy McCaw

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Three months after Fang Fest, Mina’s settling into her new life.
Despite the teething problems in her relationship with Jared, she has her sister back, new friends and a part-time job to die for.
Over Halloween, Mina and the gang have planned a spooky week of Gothic restaurants, horror movies, ghostly tours, creepy carnivals and a costume ball.
But the fun doesn’t last. Mina is on work experience with Detective Cafferty while the police are investigating a savage masked killer and a rise in suspicious ‘animal attacks’.
During her own investigations, Mina discovers a mysterious group of slayers, who are battling to control the rogue vampires.
The threats circle closer as Mina spends her days with the police and nights with the slayers.
Will she and her friends survive Halloween without being staked, stabbed or bitten?

I was so excited to dive back into the story of Mina and the gang and see what the next steps were for them. In the first book, Mina and the Undead, we follow Mina as she finds herself in New Orleans and in a world of vampires.

I wasn’t sure where the story would go after the first book, but I was really intrigued in the continuation of Mina’s story from the very start of the second instalment. We rejoin the cast of characters in October, which felt perfect for the plot and added to the ambience and atmosphere of New Orleans.

One of my favourite parts of returning to these characters was how familiar they already felt – and the found family aspect of the first book has definitely continued in to the second. Knowing some of the relationships between the characters meant we could delve deeper into their dynamics.

This book is longer than the first one, but still kept me hooked until the very end and had such an interesting plot line. I also, once again, really loved all of the 80s and 90s references to music and movies!

I’m looking forward to the newly announced 3rd instalment in the series, Mina and the Cult!

4 out of 5 stars


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