Review: All Together Now by Gill Hornby


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This book wasn’t amazing, outstanding or even close to extra-ordinary. But that’s okay. That’s more than okay – because it’s totally what this lovely little book is about.

This book is happy, uplifting and full of joy. And even though it may not be the most popular book in the world, it is definitely important. And I’m so glad I read it.

The plot…was solid. It had a good beginning, middle and end. It was strong, confident and definite.

The characters…were simple but sweet. Perfect for the book.

The writing…is charming. The first but most appropriate word that comes to mind. It is, again, not amazing. But it works – and that’s the most important thing!

Something I liked…is the community vibe. Honestly, if you grew up in a small village/town in the UK, this book is one for you. This entire book is based around community and how important it is, and I really agree with that.

Something I didn’t like…was at the start, the character changes. I’m not against different POV, but they’re just not clearly defined. I honestly like to have a name for each person against their chapters. But this book just didn’t make it obvious enough for me.

My rating is…

3.5 out of 5 Moons

Sorry for the slightly rushed review, everyone! I have an exam tomorrow and I need to get some studying in later after seeing Emma, so wish me luck!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽



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