Review: Madison K Trilogy by Nina Kaplan


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Disclaimer: I received these books through social media in exchange for an honest review.

Although I am writing a negative viewpoint this is an honest and a personal opinion. I do write some positives about this trilogy later on in this post and if you enjoy beauty & fashion I would still encourage you to give these a go.

The plot…doesn’t flow. It’s slow, even boring in places. It doesn’t have a clear start, middle & end and overall really let me down.

The characters…may be the best thing about this trilogy. They are likeable and easy to read about – but I still didn’t feel there was enough character building to feel thoroughly involved with them.

The writing…is where this book fell. It just doesn’t…read right. I remember even reading whole sentences and feeling like they had been repeated because…well, they had. There were honestly entire phrases and pieces of dialogue repeated (or at least very similar) throughout these books – which left me feeling disappointed and let down.

Not just that, but these are so clearly unedited. The dialogue is completely off and doesn’t flow like it should. There is bad spelling and grammar mistakes, simple things like the difference between you’re & your and to & too. Some of the sentences felt way too long and there were a few places that were completely missing commas and even question marks – so a question would read like a statement (“You okay” instead of “You okay?” is one I remember. One funny mistake I noticed was “Did you eat honey?” instead of “Did you eat, honey?”.

Some of the missing commas also made the sentences extremely long and drawn out – almost like rambling.

I also noticed (right from the first sentence) that these books are written in third person. Although this does work in places (as there are multiple viewpoints), it can read unprofessionally.

Overall – and very unfortunately -the writing in this trilogy mostly just infuriated me and made me want to do some serious editing.

Something I liked…well, it has to be the characters. I did like Madison although at times I felt annoyed by her random indecisiveness.

Something I didn’t like…is definitely the writing. As I said, it really made me annoyed.

My thoughts…are overall, very disappointed. I liked the concept but I just have way too many little niggles to like this trilogy. Saying this, once I got into the story (and used to the writing) I found it easy to read and found myself enjoying parts of it.

My rating is…

1.5 out of 5 stars


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽





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