Reading Recs #6

Hey girls and guys,

I don’t like to get too political because I think that politics are a very personal thing despite their nature. There is, however, a lot recently that has been going on over in America and I would just like to encourage people to speak up. You know when you’re in history class thinking “If I was there I would’ve done something”, well now is that time to do something. Whether you live in New York or London, just doing a little bit to educate the ignorant or expose the truth to those with the wool pulled over their eyes can go a long way. I firmly believe that words do have power and if you can use yours to help make change – then you should.

So on the topic of words- books!

More specifically, books that you should read!

Book No.1, Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel

This has won multiple awards, and for good reason- Station Eleven is a sensational novel that looks at what the apocalypse would really be like for the everyday people, those who aren’t fighting the aliens or trying to save the entire planet. Through a series of intertwining and personal accounts we learn of a travelling company of actors carrying on shakespeare, post collapse, a psychopath who is also a cult leader and a lonely astronaut who is doomed to spend their life on the distant Station Eleven. I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars and I think you would too.

Book No.2, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North

Harry August never dies. Actually he does die he just remembers everything from his previous life when he’s reborn. This book explores the afterlife and the concept of time and existence for humans in the vastness of forever. Not only was this novel an example of some of the finest quality literature I have ever come across (Claire North’s skill is unbeaten by any other author I have ever read) It also taught me about 50+ years of world history and gave me a magnified close up of how culture and society changed over that period. This book is a masterpiece.

Book No.3, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

Perhaps one of the most epic fantasy books I have ever read, The Final Empire explores in oceans of depth what a revolution would really look like if magic and mystery were involved. The story itself spans years and when you read it you can definitely see why. Every detail and piece of information is collateral to its previous action. This book was an ambitious and well thought out work that had me hooked for all the 600+ pages.

Thank you for reading my recs list, I hope you read some of the recs!

Keep on reading

And thanks again Beth

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