The Future For Curious People. Book Review #7

Hi everyone,

I think that its really interesting how much we all change over such a short period of time. Looking back at who you were is always a shocking and embarrassingly hilarious thing to do but I think that its healthy as well. I encourage you, right now to log into Facebook and just scroll through your past profile pictures. You might cringe at yourself but you also might be even more proud of who you are in the present.

Forget about the present for a moment though, I want to talk to you all about a book that follows the future.

The Future For Curious People is a new adult contemporary that explores the challenges of being in love in your  twenties and poses the question- If you could know your future with someone, would you want to?

This book was hilarious and that truly is saying something, coming from someone who rarely laughs (I know its awfully sad). I knew nothing about the story going into it- I got it at a discount book store in Liverpool for £1 but Gregory Sherl must’ve been sent to me from The Literature Gods. He manages to keep up a plot that could very easily become bland and directionless with a steady pace that hooks you right from the beginning. The characters were those rare kind that you can only find at discount bookstores in Liverpool- they gave a perspective that felt realistic and honest while maintaining this savoury witty tone. The story takes place in Baltimore which was quite honestly, very refreshing since for some reason every YA or New adult book I seem to read either takes place in New York or some distant, nameless state where our main character just can’t wait to break free from their life and then guess what- travel to New York (it’s a vicious circle). It was a swift three hundred pages that I would do again in a heartbeat. I could not recommend this book enough.

I give it a five out of five stars.

Keep on reading!

And thanks again Beth

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