Book Haul #13

Hey guys!

What do you do when loads is happening in your life and your future is arriving quicker than you thought?

Buy books of course!

Actually, for a certified book worm I usually only buy one book a month or sometimes none at all. This is because of the money but also because me and my local librarian have a wonderful relationship and so most of the time I’m able to read new stuff without having to pay sometimes extortionate prices and support the hallowed halls of literature at the same time.

But this month was different. Basically I went on The Book Depository and got excited.

A Conjuring of Light- VE Schwab


This was the first book I wanted and the only book I intended to buy. Its the final instalment in the Darker Shade Of Magic trilogy by the sensational author- VE Schwab. It only came out recently but I knew I had to get my hands on it. If you ever have the chance please pick up this trilogy. You won’t regret it!

Crystal Storm- Morgan Rhodes


This is the fifth book (I think) in the Falling Kingdoms series. I’ve talked about these books before but- if you somehow still haven’t read them, now is the time. Seriously you need to pick them up. I just had to add it to my cart when I saw that Rhodes had just released the newest one.

A Million Worlds With You- Claudia Gray


I know that this trilogy is frequently argued over in the YA world but in my opinion it is one of the best out there (plus the covers are gorgeous). This is the final book in the series and I’m ecstatic to start!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you pick up at least one of these fantastic stories.

Keep on reading

And thanks again Beth

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