Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Book Review #44

Hey everyone,

Some of you might remember that a very very long time ago I began to read the Harry Potter series. Well, after a number of breaks and proclamations of ‘I just want to read something else’ I am finally near the end of this very epic journey.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been my favourite so far unquestionably.

The plot of this later instalment was already so much more rich but then Rowling goes and interweaves histories and secrets all throughout the narrative in a way that feels classically Harry Potter-esque. In a sense this book is the best of every part of the books and the heartbreaking and genuinely soul destroying ending only adds to its impact.

I am a firm believer that Rowling did the right thing in killing Dumbledore off, not only because of the intricate plot work and foreshadowing that is to come (I know whats going to happen already, the films did an excellent job of spoiling it for me) but also because it signifies a shift in series. This really is the book where everything becomes far more grown up and far more terrifying; it might seem like the transition is a move from middle grade to YA but I don’t think this does it justice. Voldemort is evil, this is an adult book from now on.

The growing up didn’t feel like a loss of the childhood that I briefly relieved whilst reading these books, it felt like an important way for Rowling to expand her world.

In terms of world building I felt that Half Blood Prince gave me the impression of a wider universe of knowledge about the wizarding world that is still waiting to be tapped into, in a way that is similar to Goblet of Fire. Most significantly, the darkness of the Horcrux magic is far more emphasised and explored in the book than in the film – I found myself quite obsessed with Voldemort’s past and his pursuit of immortality.

Of course I would recommend this book, its Harry Potter; but I shall recommend it even more because of the way it changed my perspective on the magical world outside the safety of Hogwarts.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

Keep on reading!

And thanks again Beth.


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