Currently reading: Black Skin, White Masks #46

Hey everyone!

This week I want to briefly discuss what i’m currently reading!

Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon is a non fiction post colonial essay considering the psychology of the black man in a white dominated world.

I am about halfway through this book and so far I am really enjoying it. I think what’s most significant about this essay is that it remains important to everyone, no matter what gender, race or nationality years on from its publication. Fanon is interested in discovering why we, as humans, marginalise certain groups of people – and I believe we can all learn empathy from this. 

This book is unique in that it discusses the dynamic between interracial relationships in a way that I have previously not seen in post colonial writing.

I am yet to finish Black Skin, White Masks but so far I certainly recommend it to all of you! The writing style is almost a poetic kind of prose so even if you don’t enjoy non fiction I still think you would find it interesting!

Keep on reading!

And thanks again Beth

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