Review: Weathering With You Vol. 1 by Makoto Shinkai and Wataru Kubota


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During the summer of his first year in high school, a young man named Hodaka runs away from home to the bustling city of Tokyo. Alone and exhausted, he decides to kill time in a fast food place, where he meets a young woman named Hina who happens to work there. Little does he know that Hina possesses powers that not only affect the weather, but the whole world…

There are a few people in this world that I will read anything they ever produce. Alice Oseman being one of them. Makoto Shinkai being another. I love Your Name, it is one of my favourite films in the world and I also love the light novel and manga. Weathering With You quickly became another favourite, and I read the light novel soon after the movie release. Me and Mark spotted this manga recently and knew we both wanted to pick it up, as we both loved the film so much. This is the first of 3 volumes (completed as far as I am aware) in the Weathering manga, and I read this in around half an hour. Naturally, the art style is well suited to manga due to the film being anime. I also love how some pages are completely given over to one drawing, giving big scenes the space, size and therefore impact they deserve.

Weathering with You - Kodansha
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I love the characters in Weathering so much, and just thinking about their friendship makes me emotional. This first volume heavily focuses on them meeting and developing their friendship, which already feels authentic and heartwarming. I also really enjoyed the slightly different insight reading the manga gives to Hodaka’s thought processes and feelings. His story feels almost slightly more raw due to this narrative, and even though only a few pieces of dialogue were changed, I felt the change.

I’m really excited to pick up the rest of this manga and it has definitely made me want to rewatch the film!

5 out of 5 stars


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