How to read for less. #36

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to write a quick blog post giving my three best tips on how to read books and not spend so much money doing it.

The idea of having to pay £7 on average for a book is perfectly ok with me because I understand that that is a fairly low cost to get hours of enjoyment and support literary craftspeople whilst I’m at it!

However I also know that feeling you get when you really want to just buy every book in Waterstones but you know that your bank account just can’t take it.

Thats why I took it upon myself to think of 3 semi-inventive ways of making reading cheaper.

#1 Start a Book-Swap

I’m sure you’ve already seen these at hipster cafés and cute cornish book stores but if not, I am here to enlighten you on the concept.

At your local school, college or even workplace simply proceed to round up a flock of like-minded bibliophiles, ask them each to bring in a book they enjoyed and then SWAP them with each other! It’s that easy, really.

If you can keep the swap up and make it a regular monthly thing then BINGO! You’ve got yourself a free new book every month.

You’re welcome.

#2 Speak to Authors

I don’t need to introduce you to Goodreads (If I do, who even are you?). As well as reviewing and finding out about new books this platform is a great way to read free literature from up and coming authors.

The method is simple: go to one of your favourite books’ goodreads page, look for similar choices, choose one of these similar choices that has far less ratings and then contact the author and find out whether they are giving away review copies! Usually you will, of course, actually have to review the book in payment for the free copy but who doesn’t love reviewing books anyway?

I have said before that often, indie authors’ work is of a lower quality. This isn’t because they are bad writers but instead because they lack editors and all the behind the scenes people that you get when your actually being published. Take this into account but don’t let it spoil your experience! There are loads of great free indie books out there waiting to be read.

#3 Form a Book Circle

I am coining the phrase ‘Book Circle’. It is mine now!

No, this is not the same thing as a book club although it does posses some of the same traits as one.

In fact, a Book Circle is a really social way of spending way less on books whilst still getting all the satisfaction of a good published novel.

Here is how it’s going to work:

  1. Round up three of your bookwormiest pals
  2. Convene in a safe alcove of your local bookstore
  3. Choose one book that you all want to read
  4. Proceed to argue about which book this will be for at least 25 minutes.
  5. Buy the agreed book but only buy one copy: each put an equal amount of money towards the book at the checkout!
  6. Form a rota of who is going to read the book first, second, third and fourth
  7. Allow one week of reading time for each of the four readers!
  8. Convene again at an agreed date by the end of the fourth week.
  9. Discuss opinions on the book and then allow whoever is first on the rota to keep the book for good: Next month’s book goes to person number two for good and so on!
  10. Enjoy reading cheap literature forever more!!

Those were my three tips on reading for less! I hope they help and I hope they give your bank account a well needed rest.

Keep on reading!

And thanks again Beth.

2 thoughts on “How to read for less. #36

  1. Hey! I do have Goodreads, but I have never thought about actually doing that! I love Goodreads and I am obsessed with it XD and I agree, indie publishing is not always the best but I think we should do help them a bit!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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